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Ombre Hair Color for Women

In spite of hundreds of hair color options available in the market, ombre is probably the most popular one among busy women. It gives a very sexy look without requiring regular touch ups. This hair trend has darker shades at the roots that gradually fade at the ends. It is easily manageable as it does not require frequent visits and spending at the salons.

You might be thinking this fashion trend isn’t for you, but there truly is something for everyone in the ombre spectrum. Whether your hair is short, long, light, dark, straight or curly, there is bound to be something you can add to put a new bounce in your step. Don’t let the ‘little pony’ colours scare you off; the natural-looking beach inspired effects are just as interesting and easy to achieve. And if you do like the look of the brighter shades but are worried about standing out too much in the office – fear not, semi-permanent brands such as Directions, Special Effects and Stargazer can last for just a few washes depending on how you treat it. Go for it, be your own hair icon!


Jessie J famously rocks her blunt fringe with various outlandish colours whilst Kate Bosworth has gone all out with an aqua-tipped effect for fashion-forwardfierceness. Model Charlotte Free has made a style trademark out of her bleached and pink grunge locks, with designers clambering to book her for their shows to mix couture with street fashion for dramatic effect.



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